200 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning students get certified

More than 200 certificates have been issued in the last two months to refrigeration and air conditioning engineers worldwide. The certificates are recognised for Continuing Professional Development by CIBSE (The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) and the CPD International Certification Service (the same certification service used by IoR).

i-know.com, the pioneering learning initiative launched by the Star Refrigeration Group to meet the needs of the air-conditioning, refrigeration and building services sector, has awarded more than 200 certificates to students all around the world in the last 2 months.

This significant increase in the number of people interested in keeping up to date and re-skilled is due to the advantages of using eLearning as a training method. Online learning is a cost-effective and convenient way to develop professional skills, which allows students to learn quickly, at their own pace and at any time they wish by accessing readily available learning material whenever they need to, with no travel time or expenses involved.

"I have just completed the Refrigeration Fundamentals course and received my diploma in only a couple of hours. The way it is laid out is excellent and makes learning more convenient when you do it at your own pace. You don't miss anything like you would in a classroom as you can keep going back. The audio commentary is also good as you can just listen and take it all in," said Andrew, one of the students who received a diploma.

The only requisite to access the eLearning courses is a computer with an internet connection. With this method of training, students can fit their training round their life rather than the other way around.

The advantages of eLearning

The great advantage of eLearning is that the material presents exactly what the student needs to know in a clear and interactive format, supported by animations, videos, downloads, a glossary of terms, quizzes and a final summative assessment, against which students are marked for a pass or a fail. Students undertaking single modules can expect to get their certificate in around 30 to 40 minutes. Those studying full courses take around 2 hours to complete the programme and obtain their diploma.

Engineers' willingness to improve their skills and their commitment to maintaining and broadening their knowledge by undertaking Continuing Professional Development training considerably minimises work related risks involving incompetence, negligence and unethical behaviour.

FREE access to the Vapour Compression Cycle module can be obtained by sending a request to support@i-know.com.

The Vapour Compression Cycle module is part of a 4-module course entitled "Refrigeration Fundamentals." This module is one part of the Refrigeration Fundamentals course, which tests engineers' understanding of basic theory and the underlying principles behind refrigeration and air conditioning systems. It will assist students to keep up to date and gain a great deal of the underpinning knowledge required to get prepared for the forthcoming new F-Gas Certification.

About i-know.com

i-know.com was launched by Star Refrigeration in October 2006 as a pioneering learning initiative to meet the needs of the air-conditioning, refrigeration and building services sector.

This learning portal has rapidly become popular within the industry and is attracting significant international attention from students, educationalists and trade associations.

This training initiative for the HVAC & Refrigeration industry was the winner of the Cooling Industry - Training Initiative award.

i-know.com has also built a student community of more than 15,000 members from all around the globe in just over a year.

Learning content has recently been expanded to include the world's first interactive course covering CO2 Refrigeration. This is already proving successful and is being used by retail operators as their standard requirement for contractor training.

All courses are recognised for CPD by CIBSE and the Construction CPD Certification Service.

For further information, please contact info@i-know.com.