Broadening Refrigeration and Air Conditioning eParticipation throughout the Globe, the pioneering elearning provider of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Heating and Ventilation training has committed more funds to enhance the current Learning Management System (LMS) in order to cope with the rapidly increase in demand.

This unique interactive and integrated Learning Management Platform uses the world wide web to deliver knowledge and interactive learning, allowing world-wide students to learn online easily and conveniently.

The LMS provides learners with individualised learning accounts holding learning materials and supporting reference sources based on their areas of need. It also permits self-learner registration, delivery of learning activities, and learner assessment.

The improved Learning Management System includes management tools such as managed reports on course interaction, certifications, performance tracking of group learners according to training requirements and also allows corporate clients' management reports to ensure that students are achieving corporate training goals.

Efficient ELearning

"Through the portal we have now created a world-class Learning Management Platform that delivers knowledge management capability. This is a powerful tool that enables the management and delivery of eLearning content regardless of the learning content, as it is easily customised to fit customer specifications. Organisations from all industry sectors may benefit from it by providing its own customised eLearning training platform." - Graham Stuart, Managing Director of Star Refrigeration.

This exclusive method of delivering knowledge is a 21st century instructional didactic approach to Refrigeration and Air Conditioning training. It is accessible, learner-centric, scalable, sustainable (regularly updated) and easily customisable to fit specific customer requirements for corporate induction, regulation, product knowledge, end user application or any other individual training need.

A Modern Approach makes use of modern technologies to make training easier, so that students can fit their education round their life rather than the other way around.  It provides the capability to access teaching and learning resources remotely and more importantly, it provides a platform where students can rapidly and regularly up-skill, re-skill or simply revise. is a learning solution that improves and makes training easier, affordable and more effective - reducing travel, accommodation and class costs, enhancing students' performance in assessments, and producing students who are prepared for working in the "information age".

About is backed by the resources and expertise of The Star Refrigeration Group. Founded in 1970, the Star Refrigeration Group maintains a worldwide reputation built on quality, reliability and sound technical innovation and has successfully delivered products and services to its customers in over 50 countries.  The Group operates in five global business sectors: Refrigeration Engineering (Star Refrigeration); Industrial Freezing and Chilling Systems (Starfrost); Electrical Engineering (Penec);  Technical Consultancy (Star Technical Solutions); and Learning (

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