CO² Leaks - ultra effective detection

Star Refrigeration is delighted to announce collaboration with Florida based Core Enterprises Inc to distribute the AccuToolsR eL-720 carbon dioxide gas leak detector.

Core Enterprises is a manufacturing and technology company which specialises in innovative, high quality instruments for several markets, including the HVACR industry. Star Refrigeration has completed extensive testing of several carbon dioxide leak detection products and has selected the AccuToolsR eL-720 Carbon Dioxide Leak Detector as the most appropriate product.

The Accu-Tools el-720 Carbon Dioxide Gas Leak Detector is the most technologically advanced of its kind. The eL-720's fully automatic low power requirements, small size, and high sensitivity combine to create a tool which is easy to handle and ultra effective at locating even the most difficult-to-find leaks.

Star's role in CO² refrigeration development

Star Refrigeration has pioneered the use of CO² refrigeration systems for many years, promoting the key advantages of its exceptionally high refrigeration capacity, reduced running costs and the environmental benefit as a natural refrigerant.

The global use of CO² refrigeration systems is expanding exponentially and in addition to the provision of specialised CO² training courses for engineers, Star Refrigeration has identified the most appropriate leak detector device, which will enable the engineer to promptly identify even the smallest, most indiscernible leaks. Quick identification of a leak when using CO² refrigeration systems is essential, therefore a CO² gas detector should be available at all times while working on live systems.

The Accu-ToolsR eL-720's long life sensor will detect concentrations of carbon dioxide gas as low as 400 ppm over ambient. False alarms are eliminated due to its high selectivity. Other features include:

  • lightweight, ergonomic design;
  • simple, one button operation;
  • two sensitivity modes - quick and easy location of large & small leaks;
  • sturdy blow-moulded carrying case;
  • visual and audible leak detection signal;
  • low battery indicator.

Star Refrigeration is the sole UK distributor of the AccuToolsR eL-720 Carbon Dioxide Gas Leak Detector, and it is available for purchase at CO² Leak Detector.