CO² Refrigeration Systems Course launched by Star Refrigeration, the award winning training solution for HVACR and building services engineering, continues to innovate by delivering a new eLearning course focused on the use of CO² in refrigeration systems. The highly instructive carbon dioxide course has received accreditation from CIBSE and The Construction CPD Service.

This CO² course provides a broad introduction to the fundamental knowledge that is required to work on CO² systems, and also helps prepare the student for further study of advanced CO² refrigeration systems.

The course covers design, installation and maintenance considerations, including advantages in using CO², and functionality of the different refrigeration systems, including volatile secondary, volatile secondary with DX, volatile secondary/cascade, transcritical and direct expansion. This will be of great assistance to those already working with CO² and those about to use these systems.

The importance of carbon dioxide technology

Interest in carbon dioxide technology has rapidly grown in the last few years, as it provides exceptionally high refrigeration capacities for compressor size, while CO² itself is ozone friendly and has a low global warming potential (GWP) of 1. Regulations have further restricted the use of CFC and HFC refrigerants due to their damaging effect on the environment, and the industry believes that the embracing of carbon dioxide technology will become even more widespread in the near future.

Star Refrigeration's experienced engineers have been meticulous as possible in the development of this course. The information about the use of CO² in refrigeration systems was collected from many sources around the world and put together into a superior two-module course, including CO² Fundamentals and CO² Refrigeration System Basics. Danfoss has also contributed to the development of the course by providing valuable learning material.

Developing environmentally friendly CO² technologies

Star Refrigeration has been working on the development of CO² technologies and solutions that reduce users' environmental impact and running costs for more than 15 years. Star has, over the years, collected many awards for pioneering environmentally friendlier technologies.

Star has also played a leading role in the development of carbon dioxide refrigeration in the UK and overseas. Andy Pearson, MD Contracts of Star Refrigeration, is co-founder and chairman of The Carbon Dioxide Interest Group (C-DIG). This group was formed in Europe in July 2000 to provide a platform for the exchange of news, ideas, information and experiences between refrigeration engineers in industry and research/teaching organisations.

All of Star's existing knowledge and shared experiences in the use of CO² have been brought together to create this groundbreaking course, providing very clear and useful information about the use of CO² as a refrigerant. Students who achieve 80% or more in the final test will receive a diploma certified by CIBSE and the Construction CPD International Service.

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