F-GAS Regulations Preparation Course at i-know.com

A first class preparation course on the theoretical knowledge required to obtain the new F-GAS Certification will be available at i-know.com in September.

This online course will be available at www.i-know.com and will provide refrigeration and air conditioning engineers with a comprehensive course covering all theoretical aspects required by F-Gas Regulations.

This preparation course in F-Gas legislation will be delivered entirely online, testing the underpinning fundamental knowledge of each student.

It will also allow students to try out online learning and testing outside the formal exam environment without any pressure, at their own pace and convenience, and for as many times as they feel necessary. This theory course contains different banks of questions to choose from in order to practice for the actual City & Guilds or CITB theoretical test.

The learning content follows EU and UK national laws and presents a state of the art course containing the most relevant information in a summarised, understandable and easy to follow format, full of interactive content and animations.

"i-know.com provides us with the perfect tools to ensure all our engineers at Star Refrigeration will acquire the right preparation and theoretical knowledge required to obtain the new F-Gas Certification. Preparation through eLearning improves the engineer's prospects of obtaining a pass mark in the theoretical test," said Graham Stuart, MD Operations of Star Refrigeration.

More information in the course, description, aims, objectives and prerequisites of study for each of the modules can be found at the website, www.i-know.com.

About i-know.com

i-know.com was launched by Star Refrigeration in October 2006 as a pioneering learning initiative to meet the needs of the air-conditioning, refrigeration and building services sector.

This learning portal has rapidly become popular within the industry and is attracting significant international attention from students, educationalists and trade associations.

In October 2007 this initiative was the winner of the Cooling Industry - Training Initiative.

i-know.com built a student community of more than 3000 members from all around the globe in just over a year. It currently encompasses over 15,000 international members. Learning content has recently been expanded to include the world's first interactive course covering CO2 Refrigeration. This is already proving successful and is being used by retail operators as their standard requirement for contractor training.

All of the courses are recognised for CPD by CIBSE and the Construction CPD Certification Service.