Free Internationally Recognised CPD Certified Courses in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

The award-winning eLearning initiative launched by Star Refrigeration offers free CPD Certification through the online courses on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning courses.

Since the launch of this pioneering online initiative 4 years ago, have awarded more than 20,000 CPD certificates to engineers all over the world.

The courses are internationally recognised for CPD. They have been independently certified as conforming to Universally Accepted Continuing Professional Development guidelines by The International CPD Certification Service and CIBSE (The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers).

These courses offer an opportunity for an engineer's personal and professional development, as the CPD certificates obtained on successful completion of the courses can be submitted to their respective Institutions for membership registration or membership upgrade to Chartered level.

The courses are freely available via and individuals and corporations are more than welcome to access them to obtain CPD certification.

Refrigeration Courses £0 - On successful completion students obtain CPD certification.

  •  For users who want to improve or acquire basic knowledge and skills in Refrigeration Engineering
  •  Tests engineers' understanding of basic theory and the underlying principles behind refrigeration and air conditioning systems
  •  Main modules: Gas Properties & Laws; Pressure & Pressure Measurement; Thermodynamics; Vapour Compression Cycle

Air Conditioning Course £0 - On successful completion students obtain CPD certification.

  •  For users with technical background in other disciplines, beginners and Air conditioning engineers keen on keeping up to date and re-skilling
  •  Includes Split Systems and Automotive Air Conditioning covering the cycle and components of an Automotive Air Conditioning System and basic Automotive Air Conditioning Maintenance checks and the refrigerant replacement procedure
  •  Main modules: Air Conditioning Split Systems Course; Automotive Air Conditioning Basics; Fundamentals of Automotive Air Conditioning Maintenance

For FREE corporation registration please email all your candidates' names and email addresses to Astrid Prado: aprado(at)i-know(dot)com.