Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration online training platform launched by Star Refrigeration

The Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration online training platform I-know.com, is  launched by the international engineering group Star Refrigeration as the ultimate convenient training tool to support the education of engineers from anywhere and at anytime.

The pioneering training and education provider for the HVAC & Refrigeration Industry, i-know.com, launches a brand new website to deliver cost-effective and flexible training solutions online to individuals and corporations.

The website delivers a unique interactive learning environment that allows users to learn in an easy and convenient way, regardless of time or place. It is planned that the innovative portal will become the international virtual gateway to a wealth of training and reference material, resources, and best practice information for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration engineers.

The first available online course - Refrigeration Fundamentals - contains four 30 minute modules covering Thermodynamics, Vapour Compression Cycle, Gas Properties and Laws, and Pressure & Pressure Measurement. A further course in the series covering Air Conditioning and a Reference Library are currently in production and will be available by early November 2006.

Graham Stuart, Operations Managing Director: "We believe that everyone in our industry should be able to access opportunities for quality eLearning because other industry sectors have been doing this for some years already. We remain committed to developing and providing modern eLearning methods at prices affordable to all."

Tried and Tested Training
The training material is developed from the extensive knowledge of senior professional engineers and establishes a high quality training package that disseminates the information in ready to use interactive modules. Each course is individually tested by professional engineers to ensure compliance with industry standards before they are approved for use.

I-know.com is backed by the resources and expertise of The Star Refrigeration Group. Founded in 1970, the Group maintains a worldwide reputation built on quality, reliability and sound technical innovation and has successfully delivered products and services to its customers to over 50 countries. The SRG operates in five global business sectors: Refrigeration Engineering (Star Refrigeration); Industrial Freezing and Chilling Systems Starfrost); Electrical Engineering (Penec); Technical Consultancy (Star Technical Solutions); and Learning (i-know.com).

For more information visit www.i-know.com