Pressure testing training course launched by Star Learning Solutions

A new pressure testing training course has been launched by Star Learning Solutions, the training division of Star Refrigeration. The package is divided into two elements: an online theory course on pressure testing and a 1 day pressure test practical training and assessment session.

The pressure test training package, including strength test and tightness test, comprises two standalone elements which can be undertaken independently or in conjunction: an online theory course (certified by CIBSE for CPD) and a practical training and assessment day at any of Star's 9 UK centres.

What you'll learn

The pressure test training covers pneumatic testing of refrigeration and air conditioning systems with inert gases. The interactive online theory course covers safe working practices for pneumatic testing of refrigeration and air conditioning systems with inert gases. The course includes some questions for self testing the knowledge gained. Additional practical training and assessment, including carrying out pressure testing and correctly answering oral and written questions, is also available. This should be completed before successful candidates can be recommended for carrying out pressure testing. On return to their workplace, candidates should be advised to carry out tests under supervision until deemed competent by their employer.

The course materials and information in pressure testing are accessible via SLS's website, an industry award winning online training platform which offers a modern alternative to traditional methods of training. It delivers theoretical underpinning knowledge on demand by allowing students to access learning material at any time and from any place, simply by logging on to the website with a username and a password. In addition, candidates can also attend 1 day practical training sessions at any of their 9 centres throughout the UK located in Aberdeen, Bristol, Derby, Glasgow, Leeds, London, Manchester, Newcastle and Oxford.

Pressure Testing Training Syllabus

Knowledge Assessment:

The candidate will gain the knowledge required by studying the pressure testing online theory course. A 90% pass mark will be required before a candidate can undertake a practical assessment, the course will cover:

  • Relevant standard specifications.
  • Allowable test pressures: what to look for, identification of hazards, technical
  • appraisals, written schemes of examination, PRV settings, vessel & pipe condition, etc.
  • Gases: OFN.
  • HSE GS4 Safety in Pressure Testing.
  • Generic risk assessment for pressure testing.
  • Method statements for strength and pressure testing.
  • Documentation, certification, etc.

Practical Assessment:

The candidate will be assessed on:

  • The safe use of equipment, to include: hoses, fittings, relief valves, regulators, manifold, etc.
  • Compliance to all method statements and risk assessments whilst carrying out strength and tightness testing on the rig or system and correct completion of all necessary paperwork.
  • Knowledge of leak repair procedures on a system whilst carrying out a strength and tightness test, this will include safe venting of OFN.
  • Knowledge of pressure testing by answering oral questions immediately prior to any pressure test. A 100% pass mark must be achieved before the pressure test can commence.

Here is a video included in the online course on Pressure Testing:
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The online course also contains a selection of documentation and forms available for download. The candidate can customise these documents to create procedures for their own requirements. These documents cover: