Air Conditioning and Refrigeration eLearning course demand

Star's eLearning platform is the ultimate convenient training tool to support the education and training of Heating, Vetilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration engineers. is the pioneering training organization specializing in e-learning courses and technical references for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration professionals and students that delivers training online.

The website delivers a unique interactive learning environment that allows users to learn in an easy and convenient way, regardless of time or place. It is planned that the innovative portal will become the international virtual gateway to a wealth of training and reference material, resources, and best practice information for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration engineers' continuing professional development and lifelong learning. carried out an international market research within the HVACR Industry that demonstrated a need for more flexible learning options, in particular e-learning training, to ensure workforce training meets the demands created by the highly technical and continually changing nature of the work environment and the current skills shortage.

New challenges

The industry is increasingly being forced to introduce new technologies and new training regulations to ensure productivity and competitiveness. The sector is constantly facing new challenges on how to provide up to date workforce training. The difficulty lies on having to rapidly and regularly up-skill and re-skill the staff. This proved that offers a new opportunity for the training of the sector, combining flexible learning and modern technology for vocational and lifelong learning. aim at developing new e-learning initiatives to contribute to the growth of the industry competence through innovative educational methodologies. This growth would come not only with the provision of ongoing training for companies but also for the man in the street interested in build a career in this profitable industry where jobs are opened up due to the shortage of good professionals. and is currently collaborating and partnering with European Trade Associations, Training organisations and International HVAC&R companies in order to elaborate a common goal for the well being of the industry.

About is backed by the resources and expertise of The Star Refrigeration Group. Founded in 1970, the Group maintains a worldwide reputation built on quality, reliability and sound technical innovation and has successfully delivered products and services to its customers to over 50 countries. The SRG operates in five global business sectors: Refrigeration Engineering (Star Refrigeration); Industrial Freezing and Chilling Systems (Starfrost); Electrical Engineering (Penec); Technical Consultancy (Star Technical Solutions); and Learning (

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