Star Refrigeration launches rebranded eLearning system for cooling and heating training

Star Refrigeration launched the beta re-branded version of the global eLearning platform for the refrigeration and heating industry, previously known as The new system is available through and provides members with the tools to enjoy a more social learning experience allowing practitioners, end-users, consultants and those involved in the cool chain to learn, share experiences and network with others.

The beta release includes a redesigned interface and the ability to learn, network with other members and share experiences through the forums and chats, as well as the opportunity to put questions forward to an expert at Star.

The site continues to offer a variety of CPD certified eCourses in refrigeration and air conditioning, City & Guilds qualifications such as F-Gas Certification and the upcoming CO2 refrigeration qualification, and a Library resource and practical refrigeration and heating training. Star's experts will also be available through the forums to answer technical questions.

Pioneers in online refrigeration training

The rebranding initiative reinforces the group's global vision and seeks to strengthen long-term strategic partnerships with customers of the Learning Solutions.

Group Managing Director, Graham Stuart, explains: "Six years ago when we launched, the first eLearning solution for the industry at the time, we made the commitment to contribute to the training of our sector by sharing our knowledge and in-house information. The brand and logo reflect Star's vision and desire to distinguish ourselves through our most valuable asset - our expert knowledge and intellectual property - which has been accumulated over many years of testing, designing, developing, maintaining and innovating cooling and heating engineering solutions. This modern and refreshed online platform for continuous professional development is for anyone who knows or wants to know about cooling and heating."

Social learning

The improved eLearning platform encourages a more informal learning approach using social tools that allow the transfer of expert knowledge and experiences within the varied members of the community, ranging from practitioners, contractors, educationalists, experts and end-users to manufacturers and suppliers of rac equipment. The platform takes account of the more casual and social aspects of learning, where users can study individually but also cultivate knowledge further by talking to others, sharing their experiences and networking with other people within the learning community who share the same interest in refrigeration and heating. An added feature is the ability to communicate with an expert from Star to offer an opinion or solution to any technical issues within the community.

The new platform contains several important enhancements:

  • includes a social resource for networking with thousands of registered industry professionals through messaging and community forums to share expert knowledge.
  • Members will now be able to access Library documents through any internet-connected device to view safety documentation. The improved Library feature includes a record of any relevant safety documentation, safe-operating procedures or risk assessments that the student has previously accessed, allowing the engineer to review document history.
  • Managers can track and ensure that all their staff have received the necessary instruction and training to enable them to work safely.
  • Members are able to upload their own material and certificates into a secure storage facility within a "Personal Learning Account" which can be accessed at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection.

"These are exciting times as the enhanced functionality adds significant value to the service we provide, as well as a reliable infrastructure for the standardisation of cooling and heating knowledge within our customers' organisations," says Graham Stuart.

The eLearning platform, including the Library and eCourses in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Fundamentals, are freely available through

About The Star Refrigeration Group

Star Refrigeration have served industries that are vital to our way of life and critical to the sustainability of the planet for more than 40 years. A pioneer in the use of natural refrigerants since its inception in 1970 - when the dangerous impact that CFCs gases have on the Earth's atmosphere was discovered - Star works in partnerships with its customers to deliver a perfect economic, environmental and social balance for the sustainable growth of their business by reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption and increasing efficiency.

Star Refrigeration are renowned worldwide for their expertise in cooling and heating, and have developed the first eLearning platform for the continuing professional development and education of the industry.

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