Thermodynamics course - Free online course

A fully interactive course in thermodynamics, part of the Refrigeration Course is now available free of charge through Star's universal eLearning platform for the training of heating, air conditioning, refrigeration engineers and building services engineers to study online.

A revolutionary course in Fundamentals of Thermodynamics is now available to study online by accessing This eLearning course - first intended for Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Heating and Ventilation engineers - can be undertaken by anyone interested in the basics of thermodynamics, as there are no entry requirements.

This module covers areas such as:

  • Laws
  • Heat, Energy & Temperature
  • Specific Heat & Specific Quantity
  • Methods of Heat Transfer
  • Measuring Temperature
  • Summary
  • and an Interactive Quiz and Assessment.

Any student undertaking the Thermodynamics Fundamentals Course will be able to:

  • Explain the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics
  • Define the terms Sensible Heat, Latent Heat and Superheat
  • Define and Calculate Enthalpy
  • Define Specific Heat and Calculate the heat quantity of a substance required to bring about a specified temperature change
  • Explain the heat transfer processes of Conduction, Convection and Radiation and how they differ
  • Explain the units for measuring temperature and the concept of Absolute Temperature.

Successful students will receive a company certificate/diploma in recognition of their achievement.

A further course in the series covering Air Conditioning and a Reference Library are currently in production and will be available by early December 2006. is backed by the resources and expertise of The Star Refrigeration Group. Founded in 1970, the Group maintains a worldwide reputation built on quality, reliability and sound technical innovation and has successfully delivered products and services to its customers to over 50 countries. The SRG operates in five global business sectors: Refrigeration Engineering (Star Refrigeration); Industrial Freezing and Chilling Systems (Starfrost); Electrical Engineering (Penec); Technical Consultancy (Star Technical Solutions); and eLearning (i-know).

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